Consumer Access Device (CAD)

The CAD is the little grey box that connects to your smart meter to read data in real-time via your home WiFi network so you can see when you are using data and share it with your Club. Your CAD will need to be permanently plugged into an electricity socket.  The CAD uses low power, and short-range radio to communicate with both the smart meter network and your WiFi network.  This page shows you how to set it up.



Click here for a video on How to Setup your CAD


The CAD should be installed in a permanent location where it is also in radio range of both your smart meter and your WiFi router.  It does not need to be next to either the smart meter or the router.  The maximum radio range is mainly influenced by the amount of brick/stone/concrete along the line of sight between the CAD and the smart meter and between the CAD and the WiFi router.  Maximum ranges of 6m to 8m are typical. 

Setup - WiFi

You will need to your WiFi network name (SSID) and password details so that it can connect to  your WiFi network.  These are typically printed on your WiFi router or may be found on a Keep Me card provided by your WiFi supplier.

On installation, the CAD will create its own WiFi Network, called ‘meterreader’. Use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to search for this WiFi network and connect to it. (This will involve disconnecting from your home network briefly).

Where to find meterreaderconnected to meter reader


  1. The ‘meterreader’ network will not require a password. If the ‘meterreader’ network requests a password, please contact the Club supplier to get further support.
  2. When connected to the ‘meterreader’ WiFi network, go to the page - You’ll need to type this into a web browser on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  3. This page will load ‘WiFi Settings’. Please select your Wifi Name (SSID) from the drop down list, enter its password and select ‘Submit’.wifi settings


  4. Close the web browser page and disconnect from the ‘meterreader’ WiFi network. 
  5. Within a few minutes, the CAD will connect to your WiFi network. This will be indicated by a long flash of the indicator LED.
  6. If unsuccessful, please repeat the above steps.

Setup – Smart Meter - This could take a couple of weeks to complete.

Once you’ve successfully connected the CAD to your WiFi, the Club supplier will receive confirmation that this has been successful. Then the supplier will be able to connect your CAD to your smart meter. Please do not remove the sticker from your CAD, as if there are any issues with connecting the device to your smart meter, the supplier may need to ask for the codes on this sticker.

LED indication

Once installed and powered up, a pair of LEDs will flash repeatedly on the front of the CAD. The first flash in a pair indicates the CAD to WiFi router connection status and the second flash indicates the CAD to smart meter connection status.

The 1st  flash, WiFi connection status, indicates:

   Short flash (<0.25s): WiFi – not connected

   Medium flash (1s): connected to WiFi but not to energy server

   Long flash (2s): fully connected

The 2nd  flash, smart meter connection status, indicates:

   Short flash (<0.25s): not connected to the smart meter network

   Medium flash (1s): connected to smart meter network but not yet found the electricity meter

  Long flash (2s): connected to electricity smart meter


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