The Home Hub - A Helping Hand Around the Home

Energy Local wants to make it easier and cheaper to use locally generated electricity.

We have been awarded money to run a trial of the Energy Local ‘Home Hub’ System to help you schedule electrical appliance use to the best times of day whilst meeting your needs. This will help you get more out of Energy Local and make life easier.

You will be able to use your Energy Local Dashboard to control the smart plug and other appliances to help you schedule your appliances and take advantage of low-cost, locally generated electricity.

We wish to:

- Understand how households use electricity and to explore whether it is possible for households to modify their energy demand to use local generation and potentially reduce bills by using a lower TOUT.

- Know who has electric vehicles, electric heating, or other appliances that use large amounts of electricity, but you don’t need to have these to participate.

- Find out how easy it is to use the Energy Local Home Hub to schedule appliances and what you can shift to different times of the day.

We will invite participants to discuss the project and how it affects them either in person, drop-in sessions, or workshops and ask volunteers to try out the Energy Local ‘Home Hub’ System.  If you have electric heating, we may ask you if we can fit a relay so that you can control your heating too.

Who can participate?

You need to be a member of an Energy Local Club, have broadband, and be prepared to fill in surveys when requested.

Does this project just help Energy Local Clubs?

No, the project helps you benefit by using electricity on a lower tariff and that means lower bills. It will show how we can better manage our use of power, make more use of renewable energy and have a more secure electricity system.

More information about the Home Hub System CAD and Smartplug

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