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Beign Energy SmartEnergy Local is transforming the electricity market for communities and small-scale renewable generators. Our mission is to help communities get more value from small-scale renewable generation by using the electricity locally.

How? Energy Local has designed a means for local people to benefit from local energy through Energy Local Clubs. This enables households to club together and show they are using local, clean power when it is generated. They agree upon a better price for local generators and reduce their bills. It reflects local renewables’ true value and keeps more money local.

If you would like to find out if and how you could start a Club in your own community, join one of our Introductory Meetings.

More about Energy Local

We want to expand Energy Local Clubs across the UK – this could make thousands more clean power schemes possible, create green jobs, tackle fuel poverty, and lower carbon emissions.

This portal tells you about the Energy Local Clubs that are operating or being set up. You can register your interest and keep up to date with developments. See if a Club is active in your area by clicking here.

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For information on how the Energy Local Home Hub System can help you schedule your electrical appliances and take advantage of low-cost locally generated electricity, click on the button below.

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Energy Local: The Guide - click here to read more about how the local renewable energy is used, for an explanation on energy tariffs and match rates, or for tips on saving on your energy bills.

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