Smart Plug

An Energy Local member can use a smart plug with their Energy Dashboard to schedule appliances. The scheduler finds the best time of day to get the cheapest power, whilst making sure your appliance has finished when you want it.


The Energy Dashboard helps you choose the best time to use electricity according to the amount of local energy available and the time of use tariff. You can now use this with a smart plug. 

Smart Scheduler

The ‘demand shaper’ on the Energy Dashboard uses the forecast of the electricity use of a Club, forecast of generation, and the Time of Use Tariff to estimate how good each half-hour in the next 24 hours is to use power.

  1. Go to 'devices', select your smart plug, and use the Smart Schedule function.
  2. Set when an appliance must finish and the length of time it needs to run for.
  3. Go to 'OK to Interrupt' option to choose if it is OK/not OK to interrupt an appliance once it has started.
  4. The Smart Scheduler will identify the best period available to run the load in the time available.
Smart Scheduler

Example screenshot showing the Smart Scheduler function

For more information, or if you would like to request a smart plug to try, email