Area Covered
Wnion and Mawddach Valleys, Bala to Barmouth
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Ynni Lleol Wnion

Energy Local Wnion

Renewable energy, locally generated - for local use.

The geographical fault that runs between Bala and Barmouth hosts a number of locally owned hydropower schemes and other forms of renewable energy generation. Ynni Lleol Wnion allows this locally generated electricity to be used locally, for the benefit of the local scheme owners, local end users and the local community. 

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Mike Kirwin
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Mike Kirwin
Ynni Lleol Wnion
Cae Llwyd
LL40 2AY
United Kingdom

Generation Details

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All prices exclude VAT.

Electricity Charges

These charges apply once you are on the Energy Local tariff.

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Initial Electricity Charges

The Flat Tariff applies for an initial period until your smart meter has been installed and your premises has been added to the Club (typically two months).

Flat Tariff Standing Charge (standard)
67.10 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (standard)
24.91 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Standing Charge (Economy 7)
57.40 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Day)
42.88 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Night)
17.19 p/kWh

Gas Charges

Gas Standing Charge
26.16 pence per day
Gas unit rate
9.86 p/kWh

Club Charges

Information not available