Energy Local Newsletter - November 2023

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Watch Online: Mary giving parliamentary evidence on a flexible Grid for the futureGovernment Committee for Local Energy

This month, Mary was invited to present evidence for the government’s inquiry examining what needs to be done to ensure the UK has the right infrastructure to support the development of renewable energy.

The session explores how a more flexible grid can help meet future energy demands and reduce the expansion of infrastructure. Mary emphasises that what we’re all doing as part of Energy Local is contributing to future grid flexibility, which is a key pillar for enabling renewable energy growth in the UK.

For a bit of inspiration and a dive into some of the technical benefits of Energy Local, watch the full video here!


Want to understand your dashboard better?

Energy Dashboard


Introducing our new “How To” video to help members utilise and understand the information on your dashboard. Find out when is a good time to use power and see the available generation in the Club.

Shifting your consumption to match the times that the local generator is producing energy will enable you to access the Club tariff and reduce your costs this winter.




Congratulations to Community Energy Champion, Pete West!Community Energy Awards

Pete West from Energy Local Bridport has been awarded the Community Energy Champion prize at the 2023 Community Energy England Awards! This is very well-deserved recognition for someone who is such a champion of local energy and a huge asset to our Energy Local Clubs.

Dorset Community Energy has commissioned 1.5MW of installed capacity and secured funding for a further 250kW ground-mounted PV array in February this year. Pete's tenacity and vision have paved the way for affordable renewable power in his community and we are so happy to see his efforts recognised. Congratulations Pete!


Energy Democracy: Developing Local Energy MarketsBath Community Energy Conference

This month, an all-day local energy conference was held in Bath Guildhall, with the aim of sharing experiences and building capacity to use local renewable energy in local communities. Speakers included Sally Murrall-Smith from Energy Local Totnes, Pete West from Energy Local Bridport, Benny Talbot from Bath and West Community Energy, and our very own Mary Gillie and Amy Charnley-Parry from the Energy Local CIC team.

It was great to see such a high turnout and enthusiasm for local energy - get in touch if you'd like to view the powerpoint from the day!


Read: Neurodiversity and us

Last month, our team shared their experiences and wrote an empowering blog on the strengths of neurodiversity in our team. In part two of this blog, we share our tips on embracing and supporting neurodiversity in the workplace. Read more here …

“Neurodiverse people spend their whole lives battling, confronting and controlling their own minds in order to fit into society. At Energy Local we think it’s time that society fully accommodates and uses our idiosyncrasies, our processing power, our “other” way of thinking and working. Workplaces should learn what enables these different ways of being and thinking, provide the flexibility for team members to flourish, and embrace the diversity and new opportunities it will bring.”


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