Energy Local Newsletter - September 2023

Energy Local Newsletter


Energy Local Roupell Park Advice Day

Our club in Roupell Park recently held a community advice Community eventday for their Energy Local members. Despite fluctuating energy prices over the past year, Energy Local Roupell Park members continue to benefit from solar electricity at an incredible match rate of 6.3p/kWh. However, club members are still feeling the pressure of high prices for the rest of the electricity they use.

The good news is that Energy Local Roupell Park is planning to increase the support it gives to members by providing advice on what they can do to both switch from grid consumption to solar and reduce their energy demand, and by doing so lift some of the financial pressure from their energy bills.

This month, members were invited to a community event to learn more about this new service, how it will work and next steps. The event was also a chance for participants to share their personal experiences in a friendly environment and build stronger relationships within the local community.

This is a great way to engage with members of your club – get in contact if you’d like some support organising a community event!

This month our team headed to Bretherton village fete to discuss all things Energy Local

We are working in partnership with GA Petfood Partners and Betherton Energy in Lancashire, where they are planning to install a large wind turbine. The power from the wind turbine will feed the manufacturing plant to reduce its carbon emissions. As a family-owned company, they also want to benefit the local community. They are hoping to work with the village to create an Energy Local Club by feeding 5% of the energy generated by the turbine into a local storage battery.

Mary and Robbie headed to Betherton this month to discuss with the community what they thought about benefiting from renewables and answering any concerns people had. They set up a whiteboard poll where members of the community put dots beside statements they agreed with - this showed great public support for renewables!

Renewables education and public engagement


New £10 million fund for communities to open in early Autumn

The government is set to open a new fund to support the development of local energy projects. This is a great opportunity to engage in new projects, add capacity to existing projects, and get more people involved. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks as more details are announced.

Reminder to use energy overnight or during the day to save money

As we head into autumn, here’s a quick reminder of some ways that you can save on your energy bills. The time of use tariff means that energy is most expensive at peak times (between 4 – 8pm). If you can shift your consumption away from these times, your energy will cost less – as you can see in the example below. 

Affordable renewable energy rates


Some of the most energy intensive household appliances include washing machines, dishwashers, computers and hoovers – shifting your usage of these appliances to off-peak times will help reduce your energy costs.

Check out your dashboard to see how your usage matches up with the local energy generation – if you are on a solar tariff, for example, you can match most of your energy during the day so this is a great time to schedule your devices.

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