Energy Local Newsletter - June 2023

Energy Local Newsletter

We won an Inclusive Innovation Award!

The Inclusive Innovation Award recognises organisations that are developing innovations for all parts of society to engage with, benefit from, and contribute to. At Energy Local, we have ensured that accessibility and inclusion are considered from the outset.

This funding award will support our plans to develop clubs with hard-to-reach households in often overlooked communities. By enabling them to access cheaper, renewable energy, they will be able to reduce their carbon footprint and potentially learn new skills during the set-up of the club. The clubs also offer a base for community engagement where members can start to explore more opportunities for community projects.

Innovate UK Award


Exciting times for Totnes Club using Green Energy UK for the first time!

Energy Local Totnes is breaking ground with our new supplier, Green Energy UK. This will be the first time that Clubs can include multiple generators and can even include small businesses. We hope this to be the first of many Clubs with GE UK, a supplier that is committed to 100% renewable energy sources.

A very special thanks to everyone working hard to help this project go live!


Community Energy Fortnight coming up

Community Energy England is running a fortnight-long campaign 10 – 23 June to engage people in community energy and show what this sector is all about. There are events on every day so keep your eye on the calendar here if you want to get involved!

We will be running an Introduction to Energy Local session on 19 June where all are welcome to join the discussion and hear more about our work. Feel free to invite interested friends and family - there will be an opportunity to hear about how Energy Local works and to ask any questions.

We will also be taking over the Community Energy England Twitter account on 22 June so keep your eyes peeled for us throughout the day! Clubs – we want to hear from you! If you want your club’s story to be featured during this takeover send an email to


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Hello to our two new team members

New team members

In January we welcomed Tor to the Energy Local team as our Administration and Marketing Assistant. She’s already getting busy taking on the role of organising the team, overseeing the social media accounts, writing blogs and a spot of translation on the side. 

And last month Beth joined us to support members in setting up and managing clubs. She will be a point of contact for club queries and is already enjoying meeting you all and hearing more about your clubs.

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If you're an Energy Local member you can join our members' Facebook Group, where you are welcome to share your experiences, connect with other members, and find answers to any questions you might have. 

Also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where we post regular updates about what we are up to.