Energy Local - Home Hub - Conditions of use


The Home Hub Kit comprises of the following parts:

  • 1 x box
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Home Hub
  • 1 x Sonoff Power Plug
  • 1 x Power supply


May also include:

  • 1 x emonTH Temperature and Humidity monitor

The equipment provided remains the property of Energy Local. It is provided free of charge during the trial and must be returned in the box provided once the trial is complete. 

The User will not incur any installation charge while the equipment is on loan.

All items must be maintained in good condition and returned in the same state as when issued.

Faults should be reported to Energy Local immediately and will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The Home Hub Kit or any of its constituent parts must not be used for any other purpose, transferred to another property, sold, exchanged, modified, lent, disassembled, marked, or damaged in any way.

The Home Hub Kit is designed for domestic use only.

The User must take due care and attention.

Energy Local will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage caused by misuse of the equipment during the trial period.
Any damage arising from wilful negligence or misuse will be the responsibility of the User who may be required to cover the cost of repair or replacement. This includes damage caused by liquids, solvents, corrosive or combustible gases.


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