Energy Local Newsletter - November 2021

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New Clubs!

We were pleased to welcome clubs in Machynlleth and Bridport this month with more joining our other clubs with more to follow in November.  Its great to see people's enthusiasm and we hope to get some 'cross fertilisation' of ideas between Clubs.


State of the energy market,

The market has not only been very volatile causing hardship for some the most vulnerable in society, it has also be shown not fit for purpose if we are to create a fair green electricity system.  Local energy markets have some of the answers.  By being able to set some of the price locally they help shelter households from some of the volatility of global energy prices.  By matching local electricity use to demand they help smooth the power curve to include more renewables and help run the local network more efficiently.  We are stepping up our efforts to impress on government the benefits of local markets as part of creating a greener, fairer energy market.



We are still proud to be supporting Climate.Cymru in lobbying for a brave agreement at COP26 to secure all our futures.  They will be reporting back on developments during the week and continuing to campaign afterwards.  Please add your voice at


Chester Community Energy

Mary was very pleased to be invited to present potential options for community energy to Chester Community Energy at their AGM.  We wish them the best in their next endeavours.