Energy Local Newsletter - June 2021

Energy Local Newsletter

June 2021

With summer just around the corner, there’s a lot to be excited about.


Clubs Progress

We are making fantastic progress installing new meters in the emerging Clubs. This means that more participants will be able to enjoy the benefits of locally-sourced renewable energy.

Our first two Clubs are seeing members benefiting from using their local hydro generation. The recent rain is at least benefitting some people!

We continue to work with groups to develop new Clubs and progress those we have waiting to begin.

In Cumbria, we have started work developing a Club with Cumbria Action for Sustainability and another hydro. Likewise, we are working to set up our first Club with anaerobic digestion as the generator – more on this soon!


Helping Networks Become More Flexible

We continue our work with SPEN in order to help communities participate in flexibility contracts. This is an agreement to reduce demand at particular times of the day to better manage the network efficiently and avoid costly network upgrades.

With Energy Local and the Home Hub System, we believe we have the data and the ability to empower local communities to participate and benefit from intelligent energy solutions. All that is left to do is to link this all up, and we are currently working hard to demonstrate this principle in a few homes right now.

Special thanks to TBarton for our installation!

The Home Hub System being installed


Welcome to Robbie and Luke

We now have two new members of our team.

Luke lives in Bethesda and has been involved in the Club there from the start.  He is working on our Home Hub System with Megni to give people a helping hand to schedule appliances for the best times of the day.

Robbie is based in Bangor and joins us to help with communications and admin.  He is interested in the philosophy of how to persuade people to change their behaviour and is a keen photographer.



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