Energy Local Newsletter - July 2021

Energy Local Newsletter


July 2021

Bethesda comes back.

We are really relieved to have 79 participants Bethesda back and live with the Club, with the rest hopefully coming back on stream in 3-4 weeks.  The Club has shown immense patience in their 18-month wait. We have done our best to try to move this faster, but we have been dependent on other organisations. We are especially grateful to members of the Energy Local Bethesda committee who have been helping out. There are a few more glitches to sort out with individual accounts but we are working as hard as possible to iron these out. Again we are very grateful for the committee's help.

We will be offering smartplugs and other means to schedule appliances for the best times of day to the participants.

Other Club Development

We appreciate Corwen and Crickhowells’ patience with getting their first bills out.  Feedback on the dashboard is really useful and we will get improvements done as soon as possible.

Waiting in the wings is Bridport and Machynlleth. Preparations are being planned to add waiting members to Corwen and Crickhowell.

Milford Haven Port

In another project, we have been working with Milford Haven Port.  They have a number of solar installations on their buildings, but where they use most electricity is not necessarily in the building underneath the solar.  We have set up the first project sharing solar from one roof with a cluster of buildings, and we are now exploring how to expand this across the port and Pembrokeshire Docks across the water.  This is one part of their Energy Kingdom projects to decarbonise the port.  This includes an electrolyser to create hydrogen and hydrogen-fuelled vehicles.

CEE Director

Mary has been elected a director of Community Energy England.  There is a lot of collaboration between Community Energy England, Scotland, and Wales.  Of the three organisations, Community Energy England focuses more on policy and regulatory change from central government, Ofgem and Elexon on behalf of all three organisations.  Mary is hoping she can share some of our experience in dealing with the regulatory framework to support all community energy groups and create a greener, fairer energy sector.

Supplier and Regulation Manager Vacancy

We are looking for an innovative person with experience in electricity regulation and licensed electricity suppliers, who wishes to help change the energy sector to a greener, fairer industry. This is a part-time role initially and we encourage flexible hours and remote working.

If you are interested in learning more, follow this link

Closing date: 23rd July 2021


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