Energy Local Newsletter - March 2022



Energy Local Dyffryn Banw goes Live, and more members Active in several Clubs

In the next few weeks, our latest Dyffryn Banw Club is set to go Live. Covering the areas of Llanerfyl and Llangadfan the renewable will support both anaerobic digestion and a wind turbine.  This is Energy Local's first Club to provide cheaper, green energy from an anaerobic digestor. And we look forward to working with Energy Local Dyffryn Banw as the Club develops.

We are also pleased to welcome more Active members for Bridport, Corwen, Llandysul and Machynlleth. 


SDCP shortlisted at Green Energy Awards 2022

A big well done to the South Denbighshire Community Partnership (SDCP) who have been shortlisted for the Community Energy Initiative Award at this year’s Green Energy Awards, which celebrate pioneering innovation and sustainable development for the UK’s energy system.

The award recognises the role of inspiring community energy groups across the UK supporting the transition to a more democratic and decentralised energy system. We congratulate our partners at the SDCP for all their hard work, and for their dedication in tackling fuel poverty with supporting Energy Local Corwen.


Goodbye to Gillian

Last month we had to say farewell to our favourite Club Development Manager, Gillian.  Having been with us for so long, Gillian has helped develop each of our local energy Clubs all across the U.K.

Playing an integral part to Energy Local through working closely with Octopus as well as with our Club Advisors, she always kept things running smoothly at the same time as being an invaluable fountain of knowledge. We are definitely going to miss Gillian, who is moving on to work with the Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Council to tackle the climate emergency.

We will also miss Gillian's wit and cheerfulness that has helped keep us all going through thick and thin.

A massive thank you for all your hard work and friendship Gillian.


Hello to Amy

Last month we got to give a warm welcome to Amy who is joining us as our community engagement executive. Based near Preston, Amy has already hit the ground running.  She will work with Ali, Giles and Robbie to develop and support clubs but also work with Mary at the strategic level to develop Energy Local.

If you’re interested in starting an Energy Local Club, get in touch with Amy to find out how.


Creating our local energy market

We are all likely very aware of the huge rise in power prices this year, a consequence of our exposure to the global energy market. As people struggle to afford their power usage and are forced to make difficult decisions at home, there is no better time to harness our own renewable resources, locally and nationwide, and become more self-sufficient.

Energy Local is striving to develop one part of a new energy market, through local energy markets that give communities more control of the resources on their doorstep.

If you would like to be a part of our mission, check our Clubs page here to see if you are eligible to join an Energy Local Club in your area or register your interest to develop one yourself.