Area Covered
Machynlleth, Pennal, Corris, Eglwysfach & surrounds
Club Status
We can’t accept any new members just now.

We are an energy club in the Dyfi Valley. We take advantage of the hydro power generated in the local area to save money from our electricity bills and support local green electricity generation. Our generator is Esgairweddan, a 60kW hydro scheme on a farm in Pennal.

Esgairweddan Turbine, Generator aND POWERHOUSE.jpg


The club is now live. You can view the club dashboard at . We currently cannot accept new members until further notice but if you are interested in joining please express your interest and we will let you know when that changes.


From September 2022 - March 2023 the club was been unable to use electricity from the hydro scheme due to the high prices in the electricity market. This changed from 1st April 2023.

On 1st April 2023 the hydro came back on line, and the time of use tariff was increased. Prices (exclusive of VAT) are now as follows:


Period                              Time of Use Tariff                                             Hydro Match price

Night 8pm -7am               26.4 p/kWh  (27.72 p/kWh inc VAT)                 22.0 p/kWh (23.1 p/kWh inc VAT)

Day 7am - 4pm                30.2 p/kWh (31.71 p/kWh inc VAT)                  22.0 p/kWh (23.1 p/kWh inc VAT)

Peak 4pm - 8pm               44.3 p/kWh (46.52 p/kWh inc VAT)                 26.0 p/kWh (27.3 p/kWh inc VAT)

These prices are fixed for 1 year until the end of March 2024.

Unfortunately we are unable to take new members until further notice

How the project works


These are the latest initial charge rates which include the government energy cap which may apply to those in Octopus waiting to join the club:

Unit rate 35.98p/kWh

Standing charge 46.95p/day


Club Contact Details

Contact Name
Energy Local Machynlleth
Contact Email
Contact Telephone
Contact Address

Andy Rowland
Y Plas
SY20 8ER
United Kingdom

Andy Rowland
Giulio Mescia
Sabrina Cantor
John Cantor

Generation Details

Generation Capacity
Generation Type


All prices exclude VAT.

Electricity Charges

These charges apply once you are on the Energy Local tariff.

Electricity Standing Charge
44.71 pence per day

Match Tariff

8pm - 7am
22.0000 p/kWh
7am - 4pm
22.0000 p/kWh
4pm - 8pm
26.0000 p/kWh

Time of Use Tariff

7am - 4pm
30.2000 p/kWh
4pm - 8pm
44.3000 p/kWh
8pm - 7am
26.4000 p/kWh

Initial Electricity Charges

The Flat Tariff applies for an initial period until your smart meter has been installed and your premises has been added to the Club (typically two months).

Flat Tariff Standing Charge (standard)
57.31 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (standard)
33.11 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Standing Charge (Economy 7)
57.40 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Day)
42.88 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Night)
17.19 p/kWh

Gas Charges

Gas Standing Charge
26.16 pence per day
Gas unit rate
9.86 p/kWh

Club Charges

Club Membership Fee
£3.00 per year