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Supply agreement

The supply agreement is the contract between you and your electricity supplier. Currently Octopus Energy are the supplier for Energy Local Club members.

Octopus Energy provide the Time-of-Use Tariff. This means electricity from them is charged at different rates during different times of day.  

Details of the Time-of-Use tariff will be published on your Club website when the Club is ready to switch to Octopus Energy. You will also be sent these details at switching time as well.

When it is available, the locally generated renewable electricity will be charged at a lower rate than the Time-of Use Tariff. This rate is agreed by the Club members

Smart Meters

Everyone who participates in a Club will have a smart meter installed. The smart meter will show when you are using power as well as how much.  This means you can see that you’re using power when the hydro is making it and match it together helping to reduce your electricity bills.

Smart meters will be installed about six weeks after you have switched to the supplier for the Club, once you’ve returned your supply agreement to them.

On your way to becoming a member of the Club

Once you have returned your supply agreement and received your free smart meter we’ll be able to complete the Energy Local Club set up, allowing you to match locally generated renewable electricity with local electricity usage: saving you money and keeping more money in the local economy.


Click here to for an infographic on the timeline currently in effect in coordination with the supplier.


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