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Energy Efficiency

The cheapest power is the power you don’t use!  In addition to enabling households to benefit from local renewable electricity through one of our very first Energy Local Clubs at Bethesda in North Wales, every household was offered advice on energy efficiency in the home. We would like to offer this to other Clubs if we can find the funding.

Home visits were arranged (Spring-Summer 2017) during which time the discussion focussed on energy saving issues, including different ways of insulating, heating systems, and the everyday use of electricity and water. The aim was to get an idea not only of what types of houses there are in the area and how much work has been done by individuals and landowners to reduce energy use in homes but also of the energy awareness that residents in the area have. On the basis of this knowledge, it is hoped that we can offer more help to the area’s households in their efforts to reduce their energy use and their carbon footprint.

You can download the project report in English Energy efficiency project Bethesda or in Welsh Canlyniadau arolwg Medi, this explains how the project was carried out and the results which may be useful for other community groups planning similar projects. 

A presentation about Energy efficiency in North Welsh homes was given by Peter Draper, Director RDE Ltd at a Bethesda event in October 2017. You can download the presentation here North Wales Housing Presentation. The presentation looks at a number of issues common to houses in North Wales such as solid walls and floors, rain protection, and ventilation. 

Fact sheet: Energy Savings from Efficient White Goods


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