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Bridport town, West Bay and surrounding area
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Rydym wrthi'n sefydlu'r clwb, ac rydym yn casglu manylion pobl a hoffai ymuno.
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About Energy Local Bridport

Our Club will enable locally generated renewable energy - initially from the Salway Ash wind turbine - to be bought by local domestic consumers. The scheme covers the area supplied by the Bridport distribution station, including the whole of Bridport town and the surrounding area from Chideock to Shipton Gorge, West Bay to Pymore, and parts of Salway Ash. 

In the longer term, we hope to add more green energy generation to the Club by building a community-funded solar farm, enabling us to extend the Club to take more members. In time, it may also be possible for Club members with their own solar panels to sell some of their export electricity to other Club members. 


Tariff Update:

Bridport Tariff Update

Please note, the tariffs are changing. If you switched to Octopus before 02/07/2021 your tariff is the one above.

If you switch to Octopus after 02/07/2021 your tariff will be the one below.

If you are unsure which tariff you are on please email your Club at the address below.



March 2021

We appreciate we have been quiet of late and nothing seems to have been happening, however, we are working hard in the background to set up the arrangements to get Energy Local Clubs working. Due to the pandemic and some technical setbacks, this is taking considerably longer than expected, but we are making progress and we can only thank you for your patience.

We are now preparing the Bridport Energy Local Club. We are planning to start the Club with a small number of households to check that the software works, and will then expand it out to all members.  

We are now expecting the trial Club to be up and running in early Summer 2021. 

If you are waiting to join the Club, we will contact you as soon as action on your part is required.  

Thank you for your patience!

Club currently full

The response to Energy Local Bridport has been remarkable, and the Club is currently oversubscribed. Thank you to everyone who has registered their interest thus far. New registrations are welcome, however, please be aware that a holding list is now in operation, and we can't guarantee that your household will be able to join the Energy Local Club at this stage.

If you register and join the holding list, we'll keep you updated regarding the progress of the Club, you may be able to join the Club at a later date. We hope to add some PV generation to the Energy Local Bridport Club over the next 12 months, which should enable the Club to welcome more members.  

Further information

Energy Local Bridport

Phase 2 ground-mounted PV array consultation

How Energy Local works

*** All charges listed are guaranteed for 1 year. Octopus may adjust the charges after the first year ***

Manylion Cyswllt Clwb

Enw cyswllt
Alison Jay
Cyfeiriad cyswllt

Alison Jay
Dorset Community Energy
10 Ryan Close
BH20 4JJ
Y Deyrnas Unedig

Peter Bailey, Debbie Bond, Richard Toft, David Pencheon

Manylion Cynhyrchu

Gallu i Gynhyrchu
Math o Gynhyrchu

Taliadau Trydan

Daw’r newidiadau hyn i rym unwaith y byddwch ar dariff Ynni Lleol.

Tâl Sefydlog Trydan
24.13 ceinog y kWh
Tariff Cyfatebu
9.50 ceinog y kWh

Tariff Amser Defnyddio

7am - 4pm
18.5000 c/kWh
4pm - 8pm
28.3000 c/kWh
8pm - 7am
12.3000 c/kWh

Ffi trydan cychwynnol

Bydd y tariff sefydlog yn ddilys am gyfnod cychwynnol nes i chi gael eich mesurydd clyfar (fel arfer dau fis).

Flat Tariff Standing Charge (standard)
24.44 ceiniog y dydd
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (standard)
19.72 c/kWh
Flat Tariff Standing Charge (Economy 7)
24.52 ceiniog y dydd
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Day)
21.42 c/kWh
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Night)
13.45 c/kWh

Taliadau Nwy

Gas Standing Charge
25.32 ceiniog y dydd
Gas unit rate
3.91 c/kWh

Taliadau Clwb

Ffi Aelodaeth y Clwb
£5.00 y flwyddyn
Nid yw'r holl brisiau yn cynnwys TAW.