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Crickhowell, Llangattock, Llanbedr, Tretower, Cwm Du, Llangynidr
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We are operating and open to new members.
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01.03.23 URGENT NOTE Due to a very recent rise of interest in Energy Local Crickhowell, WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO ACCEPT NEW MEMBERS. We are in the process of amending this webpage.  

Energy Local Crickhowell (ELC) enables locally generated renewable electricity to be used by local domestic consumers, benefitting both generator and consumer.  The ELC Club covers the area supplied from the distribution substation in Crickhowell which includes Cwm Du, Tretower,  parts of Llangynidr, Crickhowell, Llangattock (including Ffawydogg and Hillside), Llanbedr, and parts of Llangenny and Glangrwyney. 

Currently our locally generated electricity comes from Llangattock Green Valleys' Cwm Gu micro hydro scheme (LGV MH2).  This is a relatively small scheme which will benefit around 30 households. 

ELC hydro


ELC became active in March 2021.  A second group of members joined in November 2021, and further members joined throughout 2022 and in early 2023.  We now have 29 members, with 4 further households at an advanced stage in the process of joining.  Once they have joined, the Club will be at capacity and so we are, sadly, unable to accept new members. 

Tariff Information and Update:

ELC Members pay two differing sets of tariffs depending on whether they can access the energy generated at Cwm Gu or not.  These are known as the Time of Use Tariff (or TOUT) and the Match Tariff. From 1st August 2022 both sets of tariffs have 3 rates relating to the time of day electricity is consumed:

  • a medium day rate from 7am to 4pm,
  • a peak rate from 4pm to 8pm when energy usage is typically at its highest,
  • a night rate from 8pm to 7am when energy usage is typically at its lowest. 

The aim is to encourage members to switch their usage to "off peak" times, where this is possible and is practicable for them to do so. 

The Time of Use Tariff (TOUT) is the tariff charged by Octopus to members when the LGV MH2 is NOT generating electricity or is not able to meet the electricity needs of all members. Octopus have fixed EL rates.  The rates from 1st April 2023, and fixed for 12 months, are set out below. 

The Match Tariff is the tariff paid by members when the LGV MH2 IS generating electricity and members are able to access that electricity.  This tariff is usually reviewed yearly and is intended to be lower than the TOUT to benefit ELC members.  In February 2023 ELC directors agreed the Match Tariff to be charged from 1st April 2023, again for 12 months.

Please note that all tariff prices below exclude VAT.



These are the latest initial charges including the government cap:

Unit rate 33.87p/kWh

Standing charge 47.52p/day

Club Contact Details

Contact Name
Phil Thomas
Contact Address

Phil Thomas
United Kingdom

Phil Thomas (Secretary), Steve Sharp (Generator Director),
Jeremy Kerrison, Kate Dufton, Elaine Lusted

Generation Details

Generation Capacity
Generation Type


All prices exclude VAT.

Electricity Charges

These charges apply once you are on the Energy Local tariff.

Electricity Standing Charge
45.26 pence per day
Flat Tariff
15.0800 pence per kWh

Match Tariff

7am - 4pm
25.0000 p/kWh
4pm - 8pm
33.0000 p/kWh
8pm - 7am
18.0000 p/kWh

Time of Use Tariff

7am - 4pm
28.4000 p/kWh
4pm - 8pm
43.2000 p/kWh
8pm - 7am
25.2000 p/kWh

Initial Electricity Charges

The Flat Tariff applies for an initial period until your smart meter has been installed and your premises has been added to the Club (typically two months).

Flat Tariff Standing Charge (standard)
49.70 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (standard)
31.70 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Standing Charge (Economy 7)
49.79 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Day)
41.29 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Night)
16.47 p/kWh

Gas Charges

Gas Standing Charge
26.16 pence per day
Gas unit rate
9.97 p/kWh

Club Charges

Club Membership Fee
£3.00 per year