FAQs for Business Customers

Can any businesses join Energy Local?

You will need to be at the same voltage as the generator. For most Energy Local Clubs this is the low voltage (the same as a domestic house). If you are a factory, you may be connected at 11kV but most small businesses will be connected at low voltage.  Get in touch if you’re not sure. 

Can my business benefit from joining Energy Local?

How much your business could benefit from joining Energy Local depends on:

  1. When you use your electricity;
  2. When local generation is likely to be generating (e.g. solar will be during the day)
  3. How easy it is for you to shift your electricity consumption.

For example, if the local generation is solar and you are a café that is open during the day and stays open longer during the summer, then it is likely that you will benefit from Energy Local.  This is because you’ll use most of your electricity when the solar is running. You might be able to save more by shifting when you use things.  For example, instead of running your dishwasher at the end of the day, run it in the middle of the day when you get the most sunlight and the relatively cheap midday rate on the Time of Use Tariff.

On the other hand, if you are a pub that is only open in the evenings and the local generation is solar, then you may not benefit from the solar and you will be using power when the Time of Use Tariff is highest from 4pm - 8pm.

If you are not sure if and how your electricity consumption can be shifted, please get in touch with us.

If your business has a high consumption, please note that only a small proportion of what you use will come from the local generation. This is because it is shared equally each half hour amongst all households and businesses who are using power.  The rest of your electricity consumption will be met by the time of use tariff.

Will all businesses pay the same rate?

The time of use tariff may vary for different sizes and types of business. If you have a 3-phase connection, the costs of the meter will be different - ask if you are not sure.

If you do not already have a smart or advanced meter (a meter that records every half hour) then you will need to go onto a standard Octopus Energy Business Tariff initially. The standard Octopus Energy business tariffs can be viewed here: https://octopus.energy/business/

Large businesses should contact Octopus Energy for an individual quote on business@octopus.energy. Make sure you tell them you want to be part of Energy Local.


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