Area Covered
Bridport town, West Bay and surrounding area
Club Status
We are operating and open to new members.
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About Energy Local Bridport

Our Club will enable locally generated renewable energy - initially from the Salway Ash wind turbine - to be bought by local domestic consumers. The scheme covers the area supplied by the Bridport distribution station, including the whole of Bridport town and the surrounding area from Chideock to Shipton Gorge, West Bay to Pymore, and parts of Salway Ash. 

In the longer term, we hope to add more green energy generation to the Club by building a community-funded solar farm, enabling us to extend the Club to take more members.

How the Club works


January 2022

Energy Local Bridport went live in September 2021 with the first batch of 14 households. We are ready to expand the Club to its full capacity of ~55 households. We are in the process of contacting everyone who is due to join the Club - if you have been expecting to join, please look out for an email with joining instructions.  If you're unsure, please email

Tariff Update:

Tariffs for members joining in 2021

Tariffs for members joining in 2022

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Energy Local Bridport

Phase 2 ground-mounted PV array consultation

How Energy Local works

*** All charges listed are guaranteed for 1 year from the Club starting. Octopus may adjust the charges after the first year ***

Club Contact Details

Contact Name
Alison Jay
Contact Address

Alison Jay
Dorset Community Energy
33 Trent Drive
BH20 4DF
United Kingdom

Peter Bailey
Martin Biss
Debbie Bond
Richard Toft

Generation Details

Generation Capacity
Generation Type


All prices exclude VAT.

Electricity Charges

These charges apply once you are on the Energy Local tariff.

Electricity Standing Charge
24.13 pence per day

Match Tariff

7am - 4pm
14.5000 p/kWh
4pm - 7pm
19.0000 p/kWh
8pm - 7am
12.2000 p/kWh

Time of Use Tariff

7am - 4pm
18.5000 p/kWh
4pm - 8pm
28.3000 p/kWh
8pm - 7am
12.3000 p/kWh

Initial Electricity Charges

The Flat Tariff applies for an initial period until your smart meter has been installed (typically two months).

Flat Tariff Standing Charge (standard)
48.91 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (standard)
27.05 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Standing Charge (Economy 7)
48.99 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Day)
29.21 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Night)
20.15 p/kWh

Gas Charges

Gas Standing Charge
25.92 pence per day
Gas unit rate
7.12 p/kWh

Club Charges

Club Membership Fee
£5.00 per year