How Your Bills Work


Our suppliers are still developing how the bills for Energy Local customers are presented. In the meantime here is an explanation to clarify the meaning of the bills.

Your bill should look like the one below. There are a few things to note:

  1. The electricity charge is the amount you would have paid on a flat tariff without Energy Local (see p.4 for further details)
  2. The Energy Local Adjustment is the difference due to your Energy Local tariff. This is applied as a credit.
  3. The Club Fee will appear in your first statement. This goes to Energy Local CIC and the Club that you are a member of. This charged once per year.
  4. The dates are the period for which the charges have been made, and may not match the date period at the top of your bill.


breakdown of your bill

Reversed Account Charges

Unfortunately sometimes an automatic bill sent before the supplier can issue one with the Energy Local Adjustment.  It will look like a standard bill like the one below. Notice the Energy Local Adjustment line is missing:

bill breakdown

Where this has happened, the supplier will reverse the account charges and re-bill to include the Energy Local Adjustment, bringing your account up to date.  These will both appear as credits. It will look like this:

bill breakdown reversed charges

View my balance history:

When viewing your online account, the charges for power appear as if they were the flat tariff are list like this:

viewing account 1

The Energy Local Adjustments are listed like this:

viewing account 2

Credits for a standard bill are listed like this:

viewing my account

We appreciate that this may mean that your balance fluctuates. 

If you have any further questions please contact