Area Covered
Bethesda, Gerlan, Tregarth, Rachub, Mynydd Llandegai
Club Status
We are operating and open to new members.
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Important! Club currently not operating for all members

July 2021 Update: Around half  Energy Local Bethesda are now on the Energy Local and time of use tariff (see below); due to technical reasons the other half are still in the transition and we expect them to join the club in the next month.  You should have received an email telling you which group you are in.  If you are not certain, please email 

Those not yet in the club will instead be on a flat tariff from Octopus for the time being.  This should be on your Octopus Energy account.  If you have any uncertainty of your rates, please email

Bethesda (Cyd Ynni) was the first Energy Local when it was established. Latest News here


Tariff Update:

Bethesda Tariff Update

Please note, the tariffs are changing. If you switched to Octopus before 2/07/2021 your tariff is the one above.

If you switch to Octopus after 2/07/2021 your tariff will be the one below.

If you are unsure which tariff you are on please email your Club at the address below.


Club Contact Details

Contact Name
Holly Tomlinson
Contact Telephone
Contact Address

Holly Tomlinson
C/O Partneriaeth Ogwen
26 Stryd Fawr
LL57 3AE
United Kingdom

Generation Details

Generation Capacity
Generation Type

Electricity Charges

These charges apply once you are on the Energy Local tariff.

Electricity Standing Charge
24.61 pence per day

Match Tariff

8pm - 7am
5.8000 p/kWh
7am - 4pm
10.4000 p/kWh
4pm - 8pm
12.7000 p/kWh

Time of Use Tariff

8pm - 7am
10.5000 p/kWh
7am - 4pm
18.9000 p/kWh
4pm – 8pm
23.1000 p/kWh

Initial Electricity Charges

The Flat Tariff applies for an initial period until your smart meter has been installed (typically two months).

Flat Tariff Standing Charge (standard)
22.38 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (standard)
20.04 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Standing Charge (Economy 7)
22.46 pence per day
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Day)
21.78 p/kWh
Flat Tariff Unit Rate (Economy 7, Night)
14.13 p/kWh

Gas Charges

Gas Standing Charge
25.32 pence per day
Gas unit rate
3.89 p/kWh

Club Charges

Club Membership Fee
£3.00 per year
All prices exclude VAT.