Energy Local Newsletter - April 2024

Introduction to the Energy Local Team at Octopus

We work closely with the team at Octopus Energy to manage the Clubs and we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to all of them. These are the people working hard behind the scenes to manage the Clubs and resolve any queries. 



George Tompkins
"I’ve worked for Octopus for the past 4 years; my days are mostly customer-oriented but I have worked many different jobs at Octopus - customer service, smart metering, development and training - so I should be able to find a workaround, no matter the issue. I’m a huge fan of Energy Local and the mission to give back to those local communities fighting climate change."




Noel Walker, Smart Product SpecialistNoel

"I joined Octopus in March 2020. I currently work on various smart projects at Octopus Energy, including Energy Local. I deal primarily with billing operations and the more technical side of the tariff, such as smart metering and database upkeep.”





Connie Daxbury 
"I am the Community Renewables Manager at Younity, meaning I’m responsible for managing the portfolio of PPAs we have with EL generators. I produce the pricing and set up the contracts for Clubs."




New tariffs for April 2024

All of our existing clubs are now moving onto their new tariffs for April 2024. This has enabled club members to access cheaper tariffs when their local generator is producing electricity. We are really looking forward to another year where local people can access the benefits of their renewable assets. Go to your club page to see your new tariffs.

Expanding Community Energy in South Yorkshire

Expanding Community Energy


Our Community Engagement Executive Amy, was inspired to see so many people at the Expanding Community Energy in South Yorkshire event last month! People giving up their weekends to come and find out more about the different ways that community energy markets can answer the questions around energy costs and constraints.

There were so many passionate and intelligent people there that you couldn't help but believe that between community organisations, facilitators, DNOs and suppliers we might just manage the vast increases in demand on the grid without having to rely on candlelight!