Energy Local Newsletter - 2023 Highlights

Energy Local 2023 Highlights

Happy new year from the Energy Local team! It has been a great year and we are really proud of what we, and all our Energy Local Club members, have achieved in 2023. We can’t wait to get started on new projects for 2024 and in the meantime here’s a look back on some of our favourite moments from the past year …

First Club Launched with 100GreenCommunity Meeting

Energy Local Totnes has been breaking ground by setting up our first club with 100Green!

We are really proud of the work this community has put in to get this project up and running and we can’t wait to see the benefits of the Club being realised in this community.

400+ households in Energy Local Clubs 

This year we have had over 400 households in Energy Local clubs across England and Wales! We are so thrilled to be able to work with so many communities who are championing innovation and energy equality in their local area. In 2024, we hope to expand even more and create a network of Clubs across the whole of the UK.

Energy Local Clubs UK


We grew our team!

This year we said hello to two new team members, Beth and Tor, who have been helping out with club development, projects and administration. We also said a sad farewell to Ali, who was a wonderful part of the team and has left some big boots to fill!

Energy Local Team


New Community Energy Funding Released

2023 saw a £10 million fund released by the Net Zero Hubs for community energy feasibility work. This is expected to give the sector a big boost and will provide a great opportunity to engage in new projects or add capacity to existing generation.


Innovate UK Inclusive Innovation Energy Award

Inclusive Innovation Award

This year we were awarded a grant from Innovate UK for Inclusive Innovation, to help us support hard-to-reach households through the energy transition.

Our work has involved skill-sharing and community engagement which will enable more households to access and benefit from the Energy Local model.

Our aim in doing so is to create an energy system where no one is left behind and where the benefits of innovation are shared by all.


Keep Up To Date in 2024

We regularly post on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn and Twitter,  as well as writing blog posts on our website. We also have a Facebook Group for our members where you are welcome to share your experiences and connect with other members.

Every 2nd Monday of the month we hold a drop-in session at 6:30pm for officials, advisors, and any interested club members or upcoming club organisers. Send us an email if you would like to join the call!


Here's to 2024...